Friday Photo: Sunset Over Puget Sound

01/12/2017 - 19:53

High wing airplanes make for great picture frames. In this Friday Photo, the sun sets over the Olympic Mountains as Steve Phoenix cruises along in his Piper Pacer. The sun is framed between the struts, while the light bounces off the water of Puget Sound below. Peaceful, beautiful, and exactly what makes flying so rewarding.

The Pilot: Steve Phoenix*.

The Photographer: Ali Crane.

The Airplane: Piper Pacer.

The Mission: Heading home to Olympia, Washington, from the north.

The Memory: Catching sunsets from the Pacific Ocean is always neat. I like the reflections off the bottom of the fabric-covered wing and the picture framing provided by the struts.

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* A born aviation enthusiast for unknown reasons as there was no preceding family involvement in aviation. Soloed at age 16 in a J-3 Cub in 1967 at Creswell, OR and achieved Private license at age 18 in a Cessna 150 at Billings, MT. His working life has been, since 1977, and currently is as an aircraft engineer on aircraft ranging from ultralights (Sorrell Hiperlite) to the Boeing 737. Stephen holds FAA certificates: Commercial, SEL, MEL, Glider and CFI, CFII along with the old Ground Instructor Basic, Advanced and Instrument and A&P with Inspector Authorization. The FAA also has designated him as an Engineering Representative for aircraft certifications.