Friday Photo: San Francisco Christmas Flight

22/12/2017 - 19:05

How do you celebrate Christmas Day? For Dave Kramer, there’s no better way than to go flying. He took this photo from the cockpit of a Citabria, as he cruised over San Francisco Bay on Christmas Day, enjoying the beauty and peacefulness that pilots love so much.

The View: Northwest of Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA, looking southeast at the island and the Bay Bridge.

The Pilot: Dave Kramer*, MD.

The Airplane: Citabria N58WD.

The Mission: Enjoy Christmas morning doing what I love to do, flying.

The Memory: Beauty, peacefulness, privileged.

* Dave is a private, instrument-rated, tailwheel-endorsed pilot who has been flying since 2012. He is based out of San Carlos, California, at the San Carlos Flight Center where he coordinates the safety seminars with owner and chief pilot Dan Dyer. In 2013, they were awarded the AOPA Best Flight School Award. Dave's favorite place in the US is the South Bay Area of San Jose, where he lives with his family and works as an ophthalmologist with Kaiser Permanente. He enjoys flying in the southwest, especially the complex airspace of San Francisco and LA.