Eastman Turbo Oils

We are the official representatives of Solutia Europe SPRL/BVBA, a subsidiary of Eastman Chemical Company, and offer only high-quality products - Eastman Turbo Oils and Skydrol hydraulic fluids - from the leader of aviation industry, and technical resources, specialized support and qualitative service for our customers.

Formerly Eastman Turbo Oils were known under the brand name of BP Turbo Oil, however, in 2014 due to the change of the owner the name was also changed for Eastman Turbo Oil. Basically, this is a mere products renaming - manufacturing facilities, products composition, team performing sales and technical maintenance of the products remain unchanged.

Permissions and authorizations for use of BP Turbo Oil products shall be valid for Eastman Turbo Oil products, whereof the Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin of the Federal Aviation Administration informs. This Bulletin is the basis for relevant changes incorporation to the authorization documentation of engines developers and local aviation regulating authorities.