Diesel Fuel

Activities of AVIA OIL for the supply of diesel fuel is carried out in partnership with Mozyr and Novopolotsk Oil Refineries, Belarus, and the Mazeikiai Oil Refinery Plant, ORLEN Lietuva JSC, Lithuania.

Our company works under direct contracts with manufacturers, the delivery is possible both by railway in fuel tank cars directly from refineries to the end user at the destination station and by the tank trucks from the petroleum-product storage and distribution centre in Kiev. Diesel fuel quality is checked by sampling and laboratory analysis at all stages from the factory to the consumer.

Diesel fuel to be sold complies with the Euro 5 standard / EN 590:2009 and Euro 6 / EN 590:2014, the range of products is represented mainly by the following diesel fuel grades: DT-Z-K5 (grade F), DT-L-K5 (grade F and C).