Clearway 1

Based on a formulation of potassium acetate and corrosion inhibitors, Clearway 1 has been on the market for nearly 30 years as an effective liquid runway de-icer with low environmental impact. It has a moderately corrosive effect on zinc, galvanized material and soft solders. We recommend painting, or otherwise protecting such items, or replacing them with compatible materials.

The product meets not only all relevant environmental and ecological requirements but also the AMS 1435 standard. Clearway 1 is classified WGK1* both for its biodegradability and because of its low aquatic toxicity.

When applied with the mechanical facilities of airport maintenance departments, Clearway 1 allows snow and ice to be removed quickly and economically.

Clearway 1 melts the ice by depressing the freezing point of water. Due to its low freezing point, the resultant solution will have a much lower freezing point.

*WGK is a German method of classifying chemicals into three (1-3) Water Hazard Classes. Following several tests, the Clearway products have been classified as Class 1: low hazard to waters.


  • Airport runway de-icing