Making takeoffs and landings safer - Eastman’s de-icers are marketed under the brand name Clearway which is acknowledged as one of the leaders in airport runway deicing. The product range has been developed and expanded to include both liquid and solid formate­ and acetate­based products.

Clearway de-icers are well known in the industry and have been shown to be highly effective in various winter conditions, while being compliant with the latest technical and environmental standards. Clearway F1 and Clearway SF3 carry the Blue Angel ecolabel.

  • Clearway F1 is an effective de-icer for airport runways, taxiways and aprons.
  • Clearway SF3 is an effective solid runway de-icer with low environmental impact.
  • Clearway 1 has been on the market for nearly 30 years as an effective liquid runway de-icer with low environmental impact.
  • Clearway 6S melts ice by depressing the freezing point of water and is active at temperatures to -15 °C.
  • Meltium is a novel formate-based de-icing solution developed expecially for non-airport applications.