Aviation Solutions

As a leading one-stop supplier for aerospace OEMs and airlines in Ukraine, our company offers an ever increasing level of expertise, an expanding portfolio of products and a commitment to customer satisfaction unequalled in the aviation community.

Whether you represent an OEM, a maintenance company or an airline, we can provide you with the optimum product based on our comprehensive understanding of the materials used in your industry and of the requirements of your applications. Our product line includes both jet fuels and high performance lubricants such as jet oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and other aviation products. This nose-to-tail offer is unique in the industry, allowing you to work with a single source supplier for all of your fuel and lubricant needs.

Approvals and specifications are essential for the aerospace industry. Our products cover thousands of global specifications and approvals. We are proud to offer you products which meet and frequently even exceed the requirements of most of the world’s major aerospace standards. Our products are approved by all major aero-engine and aircraft manufacturers. We are dedicated to providing quality products and services through a defined ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 quality systems.

The combination of commitment to quality standards, adherence to aviation authority regulations, and industry-leading friendly customer service creates an aviation partner that airline professionals love to do business with.